15+ Calendar Plugins for WordPress – Event Calendar Plugin

Many people and businesses alike are using WordPress to keep in touch with the rest of the world. One of the best features of WordPress is an online calendar that can make your task easier when it comes to event planning, event organizing and event marketing. For instance, if you want to announce to the world that you will attend a birthday party, when you use a WordPress event calendar plugin, everyone who sees it will know about it.

A WordPress calendar plug-in can make your life so much easier, especially if you want to invite specific people that you couldn’t invite otherwise. All these widgets are easy to use. All you have to do is to spend a little time playing around with them. WordPress calendar plug-ins is built for specific purposes, such as creating events, event booking, managing attendees and a lot more.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. For those who can’t make up their minds, some of these WordPress event calendar have a demo version. You can manage all your events with this powerful WordPress calendar plugin and display those using widgets or short codes.

What are you waiting for choose a nice looking WordPress calendar widget right here.

Event on Calendar Plugin

Event on Calendar PluginThe license for this plug-in costs $20. All the updates are automatically send to your website and it has really nice features such as allowing you to add pictures for the events, a map from Google, as well as offering event sorting options.
Download Event Plugin – by Ashanjay

Calendar WordPress Plugin

Calendar WordPress PluginThis calendar plug-in is simple looking but it has many needed features, such as setting an event to repeat, to span across several days and so on. This Calendar is both easy to install and to use.
Download Calendar Plugin – by Kieran O’Shea

Booking System PRO Plugin

Booking System PRO PluginThis calendar plug-in makes use of colors, possibility of adding payment methods for the events and it can be customized to no end due to the included CSS documentation. You can even request new features and functions from its author for no extra fees.
Download Booking System PRO – by DOTonPAPER

Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress

Events Calendar Plugin for WordPressThe Events Calendar seems to be no longer supported, however it can still be used on the sidebar. It can also be used on a standalone page and its users can still benefit from its updates.
Download Events Calendar Plugin – by Snumb130

Calendarize it for WordPress

Calendarize it for WordPressIt couldn’t be more obvious that this plug-in is made for WordPress. You can try this one out before you buy it for $25, so you can be more than sure it’s what you want and need, or not.
Download Calendarize it – by RightHere

Events Manager Calendar Plugin

Events Manager Calendar PluginThis is actually version 5 and it’s vastly improved. For instance, it’s compatible with the SEO plug-ins and with the RSS feeds. Just take a look at its features and you’ll see you don’t need any other calendar or event planner tool.
Download Events Manager – by Marcus

Timetable Plguin

Timetable PlguinThis is version 2.0 where small bugs got fixed, some new elements got introduced and it can be used for various types of events including seminars or festivals. Its sleek look gives it an advantage.
Download Timetable Plugin – by RikdeVos

Booking Calendar

Booking CalendarIf your event requires in advance booking, then you need this plug-in for your WordPress. It can be used for almost any type of business or event that needs booking or scheduling: meetings, rentals, classes and so on.
Download Booking Plugin – by Wpdevelop

3C Events Plugin for WordPress

3C Events Plugin for WordPress3C Events looks great on any screen size and allows you to use the color of your choice out of several. It also has 3 different views: mini, event list or big calendar, each allowing different details to be seen.
Download 3C Events – by Devinfo007

My Calendar Plguin

My Calendar PlguinIt doesn’t matter if you’re keeping more calendars at once, as you can import the events from more calendars. If your WordPress is aimed at a non-English speaking audience, they might even understand this calendar as it’s available in several other languages.
Download My Calendar – by Joe Dolson

WordPress Events Calendar

Wordpress Events CalendarThis calendar might remind you of an old fashion one at first look, thus you might like it because you miss the old days. Looking very simple and professional, it offers all the features you find in any other similar plug-in.
Download WordPress Events – by Devinfo007

The Events Calendar

The Events CalendarThe Events Calendar is so easy to use, anyone could do it. This widget is also compatible with several themes, it has a Pro version and a collection of premium add-ons. You do get what you’ve asked for!
Download The Events – by Modern Tribe, Inc.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar

Wordpress Pro Event CalendarThis Pro Event Calendar seems fit for a corporate use, thus your WordPress visitors will be impressed. Make sure you check out the demo and prepare to get impressed!
Download Pro Event Calendar – by DPereyra

BookingWizz for WordPress

BookingWizz for WordPressAs the name suggests, this is a booking tool, similar to the one described above. You can manage it from inside WordPress. Make sure you have at least BookingWizz v5.3 that is bought separately.
Download BookingWizz Plugin – by Convergine

Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown

Multiple Events Calendar with CountdownIf you wanted a countdown timer for your events, now you have it. This is not all, as you can use a countdown for all your events, how nice is this?
Download Multiple Plugin – by Gljivec

Business Calendar Plugin

Business Calendar PluginThe Business Calendar has a really nice feature: each event can be viewed only by those who need to see it. What’s more, you can send invitations to the events, from inside this calendar.
Download Business Plugin – by LCweb

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