50+ Top jQuery Slideshow and Image Gallery Plugins

The web development business has been greatly improved along with the appearance of the content slider. You can design the sliders you want from scratch, but for that you first need coding knowledge which few people have time to learn. Of course, you can find books for learning jQuery, and this makes things easier. Another option for people pressed by time is installing an already made jQuery slider. These are easy to install and support older browsers. Another advantage of using sliders is the possibility of transferring the content of your old website with a featured content slider. These plugins can also be easily integrated with a WordPress blog, which is a good option to have when considering how popular the platform is. Many of the plugins offer amazing transition effects in the jQuery slideshow, and this is a big improvement when comparing to the old Flash days. A jQuery image gallery is ideal for a creative website, but the image gallery will also come in handy when creating a portfolio. If you are a photographer, a jQuery image slideshow will help you reach your target audience faster. Take a quick glance at the selection below, and you may just find the perfect slideshow for your website.

Zozo Accordion Plugin

Zozo Accordion PluginZozo Accordion is beginner friendly and includes many adjustable options. This plugin can be integrated with a WordPress blog and features SEO functions, a slider and CSS3 transitions. Zozo comes with 6 different layouts.

All Around jQuery Content Slider

All Around jQuery Content SliderAll Around is a useful slider for any kind of website. The slider is a great choice for a shop, and allows you to arrange the items in an eye catching way.

Mobile Touch jQuery Slideshow

Mobile Touch jQuery SlideshowThis plugin is responsive and works well on touch devices. It contains a large selection of sliders as well as slideshow effects, and is also SEO friendly. The plugin offers compatibility with any browser.

Lush Content Slider Plugin

Lush Content Slider PluginLush is a girly looking, pink plugin for any website. This cool plugin provides video support for sites like YouTube and is Flexslider compatible. Lush is fully responsive and works on most browsers.

Showbiz Showbiz Pro Responsive Slider

Showbiz Showbiz Pro Responsive SliderShowbiz can be highly customized and includes many different skins you can use. The plugin provides you with the chance of creating your own layouts, and is touch enabled.

Royal Carousel Image Gallery

Royal Carousel Image GalleryRoyal Carousel is a plugin that works on both new browsers and older ones. The plugin is completely responsive and can be used on smartphones and tablets. Royal Carousel offers 3D and 2D layouts.

Sky jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Sky jQuery Slideshow PluginThe Sky jQuery Touch Carousel plugin comes with many features you will need for your blog. The plugin provides keyboard support, a large variety of skins and is smartphone friendly.

Ever Slider Responsive Plugin

Ever Slider Responsive PluginEver slider is a mobile optimized plugin for your WordPress website. Ever slider offers touch and swipe support, and will not clog your disk. The plugin works on older IE versions and is fully responsive.

Jquery Moving Perspective Plugin

Jquery Moving Perspective PluginThis useful plugin has a very versatile configuration, and offers support for video websites. It can be used on any touch device, as the image will adjust itself to the right size.

Mighty jQuery Slideshow

Mighty jQuery SlideshowThe Mighty slider plugin is compatible with any device and is also fully responsive. This is a must have plugin that includes more than 25 templates and skins you can customize.

StrapSlide Bootstrap Slider Plugin

StrapSlide Bootstrap Slider PluginStrap slide was built with Bootstrap and gives you the possibility of customizing anything you want. You can design layouts, add skins or change the colors. The plugin is optimized for mobile use.

Storyline 3D Slider

Storyline 3D SliderStoryline is a unique plugin for your new website. The slider offers 19 color palettes, features an infinity scroll and is perfect for creative blogs. The plugin has a responsive design.

Slider With Independent Rows

Slider With Independent RowsThis slider is simple but very effective. You will get SEO features, special effects and versatile settings. The plugin includes support for IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari and is easily integrated with your website.

Ultimate Smart Slider Responsive

Ultimate Smart Slider ResponsiveGet this cool slider and you will not have to code your website from scratch. The plugin offers 40 image effects, many customization options and is also SEO ready.

2B Responsive jQuery Slideshow

2B Responsive jQuery SlideshowThis is a slider that comes with many transitions, an auto rotate button and many skins. You can change your website the way you want by adding portfolio items or posts.

Anything Slider Plugin

Anything Slider PluginAnything Slider features a very easy installation process, and thus is easy to use by beginners. The slider is responsive and lets you adjust all the settings according to your needs.

7Slider Responsive Image Slider

7Slider Responsive Image SliderThe 7 slider plugin is not only fully responsive, but offers fast website integration. The slider is video embed, support transitions and also older browsers. 7 slider comes with over 250 cool animations.

7 Layer Responsive LayerSlider

7 Layer Responsive LayerSliderThis plugin comes with layer animation, allows the user to fully personalize it. All visitors will enjoy watching the animation, no matter the device they own. The plugin has video support too.

Phizz Panels jQuery Slideshow

Phizz Panels jQuery SlideshowUnlike other slider plugins, Phizz Panels opens and closes, showing or hiding the content. It comes with a dark and a light theme, and is a great alternative to the other sliders.

Touch N Swipe Image Gallery

Touch N Swipe Image GalleryWith this plugin you can have more galleries on a single page. You can interact with this plugin through a touch screen, and has support for pinching, swiping, and more.

SliderMaster JavaScript Slider

SliderMaster JavaScript SliderThis pack includes 24 themes that require no tweaking and 3 slider types. By purchasing this plugin pack you will get all the tools you need to further create the desired web elements.

Accordion Pro jQuery Accordion

Accordion Pro jQuery AccordionThis plugin is just what you need especially if you design a website for right-to-left writing systems. This plugin comes with 5 predefined themes that can be interacted with on a touchscreen as well.

Nex FullScreen Slider

Nex FullScreen SliderWhile the color scheme is predefined, the slider support various types of content. Nex is easily used by beginners as well. This plugin is a really fast one, thus loading time will be minimal.

Swiper Responsive Element Slider

Swiper Responsive Element SliderSwiper will help you showcase your work in an attractive way. This plugin is build with the popular Bootstrap framework. You can easily modify the code. Add to this its responsiveness and possibility of interacting with it through a touchscreen.

Blueprint UI Content Slider

Blueprint UI Content SliderBlueprint is a plugin that provides many powerful animation options. This content slider plugin is super simple, responsive and has 4 specially designed themes accompanying it. You have the possibility of creating more themes with the provided API.

Suzi Animated Tabs

Suzi Animated TabsSuzi offers 6 color schemes, at least 60 effects for the animated elements and an accordion menu. The animated tabs can be placed in several places on your page. You must check this pack out to get convinced.

Pofi Accordion Menu

Pofi Accordion MenuPofi is a pack with animated website elements. You will make use of accordion menus, animated tabs with more than 60 animation effects, and 5 color schemes. Your website will look as unique as it can get.

Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery

Ultimate Grid Responsive GalleryThis slider has over 50 effects and automatically generates a slider from a folder with images. this plugin is responsive, works with WordPress, and has many different options you must see for yourself.

GalleryJack Rebooted Plugin

JQuery Ken Burns Fullscreen SlideshowThis plugin helps you to create a fixed-size or fullscreen gallery, making it to be one of the most popular today. It also has optional thumbnails with optional tool-tips; deep-linking for enhanced browsing; and image descriptions.

JQuery Ken Burns Fullscreen Slideshow

jQuery Fullscreen Grid GalleryThis plugin has deeplinking with indexable images (jquery address), while there is a fixed-size or responsive layout for you to entertain your visitors. There are also left, right, top and bottom play positions.

jQuery Fullscreen Grid Gallery

jQuery Fullscreen Grid Gallery PluginThis plugin is notable for its gallery thumbnail which you can make to have list and grid views.

Boom Gallery jQuery Plugin

Boom Gallery jQuery PluginThis slideshow created with this plugin can be viewed in any browser. In addition to being easy to install, you can always enjoy the setup effects with JSON

ajSlideshow jQuery Slideshow Plugin

ajSlideshow jQuery Slideshow PluginThis is very popular because it does not conflict with any of the other plugins installed by you.

Wall Grid Gallery (jQuery Plugin)

Wall Grid Gallery jQuery PluginWith this, the gallery can be edited from XML/JSON or HTML file(s), while it is also possible to display an unlimited amount of images in the gallery.

jQuery Awesome Nishtyak Gallery

jQuery Awesome Nishtyak GalleryNishtyak comes with an adjustable number of strings and also supports auto-scroll.

jQuery Tiles Gallery

jQuery Tiles GalleryOne basic feature of this plugin is that it shows all images at a glance, with animated captions. Therefore, it is a very good choice.

JBMarket Image Gallery

JBMarket Image GalleryThis easily displays thumb images, description text for the thumb images, big images for the lightbox and description text for the lightbox.

jQuery Resizable FullScreen Gallery Plugin

jQuery Resizable FullScreen Gallery PluginIf you want to easily create a JavaScript gallery, this is a good choice, and it allows you to resize the screen easily.

jQuery Banner Rotator Slideshow

jQuery Banner Rotator SlideshowThis is one of the best jQuery plugins through which you can set the text description panel at different location and size. You can as well embed images and links inside the HTML text description box.

jQuery Simple Product Gallery

jQuery Simple Product GalleryThis plugin has an amazing navigation and image pre-loading, in addition to features like mouse-wheel navigation and the ability to resize the images.

jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with MousePan

jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with MousePanWith this plugin, you will enjoy deeplinking with jquery address, and support for lots of image categories

jQuery Multimedia Gallery Slideshow with Music

jQuery Multimedia Gallery Slideshow with MusicYou will have horizontal or vertical orientation for each of your layouts, while vertical/horizontal margins can also be allowed between images

Diamond Slider Ken Burns Image Slideshow

Diamond Slider - Ken Burns Image SlideshowYou can easily create a good JavaScript slideshow because the plugin can create multiple sliders on a page, while different settings, content, skin, size look and feel can be set for each one.

JQuery Stack Banner Slideshow

JQuery Stack Banner SlideshowThis creates a slideshow with captions. It also has 4 types of movements, which are horizontalRight, horizontalLeft, verticalRound and verticalAbove.

Classic Accordion

Classic AccordionClassic Accordion helps you to add captions with HTML text or simple text, in addition to making each panel to have a link.

Factory Galleries jQuery Plugin

Factory Galleries jQuery PluginYour jQuery image gallery will have crossbrowser compatibility with this plugin, while multiple instances can also work in a single HTML page.

Crystal Gallery

Crystal Gallery - jQuery Gallery with Blur EffectWith this plugin, you can create a professional-looking jQuery image gallery with blur effect. It also supports Flickr feed for managing the gallery images with your Flickr account.

Free jQuery Slideshow Plugins
There are also some free plugins that can be used to create your jQuery image gallery. Some of them will be briefly described below.

Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQuery

Free jQuery Slideshow PluginsWith this, you can create a beautiful and simple slideshow gallery without any problem.

Mosaic jQuery Slideshow

Mosaic PluginMosaic allows you to easily create a jQuery & CSS mosaic gallery.

Advanced jQuery Background Plugin

Advanced jQuery Background PluginThis is one of the best plugins that can let you create a good image slideshow that every visitor will love.

Image Gallery Plugin

Image Gallery PluginThis plugin lets you create a gallery with fancy transitions effects, and being free means that you have nothing to lose by downloading it.

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    For example, if it were a gallery of people, and one of the image tags used by the system included hair colors, the gallery would start off showing thumbnails of people with various haircolors. Then a User might select, “stop showing redheads” or “show me only the redheads,” or “show me the redheads and the blondes only” and the gallery would change to reflect those choices.

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